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Help Wanted

A truly wonderful home for income!

Do you love travel, performance, history, and connecting with a place?

Do you have an eye for the aesthetic, and an understanding of what makes art timeless and great – especially what makes a story timeless and great? Or more simply, do you love putting on a show?

Engaging and extroverted souls are needed, for a highly successful performance gig (writers too!), with plenty of work to share. This is fun, fun, fun! It’s also a very real investment of your efforts, while generating income in perpetuity, and generating enormous freedom to pursue other dreams—or grow this lovely profession.


Why consider this?

Once the material is learned, there is a great deal of flexibility, the job can be turned on and off, so you can keep traveling, performing and connecting with the world – which in turn makes you better at the job.



Style, what is it?

Looking for the Colbert’s of the world.

Performance wise, and the gig is like having your own night show.

Scripted material, immprov, single person performance, no costumes, range of topics, but definitley acting, lots

of object work.


If you know the term object work, you are on target…



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